Jabbour Law Firm (“JLF”) was
established by Maître Moussef
Jabbour in 1978.

Reputation is a reflection of one’s character and effectiveness. The
firm had earned his reputation over more than forty years, and it
was always measured by his memorable actions. Maître Jabbour
was always very humbled by the confidence his clients have
placed in him. And by the trust other lawyers routinely place in
him when they refer him their clients because of his reputation, or
when they invite him to consult with them on complex matters for
the same reason.

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Needless to say, the change in the local market is presenting newer challenges, which in turn is setting off a sharp need to manage legal businesses more proficiently in Syria and the region.
Therefore, having vast experience issuing legal opinions that combine deep academic and professional insights with efficient and innovative techniques, we proudly provide a wide variety of legal services ranging from improve organizations profitability and efficiency, advise solutions for client development strategies, consult on legal and program issues to actively manage risks, analyze problems and develop solutions for meeting company’s objectives, review, draft and negotiate legal documents, perform legal research, analysis of operations and transactions, resolve operational issues and determine and suggest proposed action course, support clients to gather facts on resolving litigation, subpoenas and complaints, analyze individual disputes and conduct legal research to execute a course of action, monitor legal and regulatory developments and analyze legally with required execution.
In simple words, just like prevention is better than cure, our consultancy skills help our clients manage and identify legal risks, be it personal, professional, corporate, HR, or labor related. We have the ability to organize and process a high volume of work within established international standards, promote teamwork and build effective relationships, manage and prioritize multiple projects, take initiative and meet objectives, and create the best tools to leverage common client problems. We undertake required research, prepare complex technical analyses, and develop market-differentiating advice, insights, and solutions.

We offer our clients a truly comprehensive and thorough legal service in matters in relation to commercial, banking, employment litigation, energy, insurance/reinsurance, real estate, intellectual property, and cases related to public and administrative domain.
Our services include advising clients on all stages of pre-litigation work, including negotiations, mediation (in cases where arbitration or litigation can prove costly or incompatible with the nature of the dispute and the relationship in place), managing complex litigation, and providing post-litigation advice.
Our expertise in the field of arbitration includes representing clients in arbitral proceedings in internal and international arbitration. We have extensive experience in conducting arbitrations in order to reach an efficient and cost-effective resolution to the dispute. As counsel, we provide a wide range of services including:
- Drafting arbitral agreements/clauses.
- Giving a pre-arbitration assessment of the conflict.
- Selecting the appropriate venue and process and advising on the appointment of arbitrators.
- Representation at arbitration hearings (drafting of legal memoranda, notices submissions, summaries of facts, minutes for meetings and conference calls, translating documents.
- Enforcing arbitral awards.
- Recourse to a court against arbitral awards in front of national courts.
- Handling negotiations and settlements at all stages of the arbitral proceedings.
We are familiar with the commercial arbitration rules that have been established by Syrian, Lebanese, French laws as well as the rules of international arbitration centers including the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), and the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA).
We could act as counsel and as arbitrators in national and international arbitral proceedings. We also provide legal expert reports to arbitral tribunals in Arabic, English and French.

We are specialized in drafting and reviewing a wide range of contracts. We focus on understanding our clients’ business and work hard and diligently to cover all aspects of the contractual process that are instrumental in protecting their rights, needs, and interests. We provide an air-tight and tailor-made contracts to our clients.
A special and particular attention is given to:
- the implications of express and implied terms contained in written agreements,
- advising clients on any loopholes that could later present problems, and
- the laws and regulations that apply to specific contractual arrangements and the latest decisions from the courts regarding a particular area of law.
We help our clients navigate through complex contractual negotiations with other parties and offer advice on the drafting of preliminary agreements and memoranda of understanding, NDAs, since it is our duty to adequately represent our clients.
We help our clients with civil and commercial contracts, compliance, joint-ventures, employment, intellectual property protection, commercial agencies & franchises, subcontracts, distribution agreements, representation agreements, shareholders agreements, etc.
We handle disputes arising out of the existence, validity, enforcement, and breach of internal and international contracts in courts and arbitral proceedings.

We focus on understanding our client’s strategic objectives and implementing the most effective means to accomplish them. Like any good coach, we are constantly communicating with the deal team, reassessing strategy, and efficiently deploying the firm’s resources.
JLF advises the board of directors and partnering with the client to understand their objectives. we lead the multidisciplinary team across geographies to structure, negotiate and execute the transactions to meet the client’s objectives in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
Our clients include many highly respected institutions, telecommunication companies, (operators and value-added services), engineering, facility management, and construction companies, IT solutions companies, etc. We have vast experience on international transactions as well as an intimate knowledge of many key industries.
Here below is a breakdown of matters this practice encompasses:
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- e-Commerce
- Oil & Gas
- Insolvency and liquidation
- Compliance
- Infrastructure
- Foreign Investment and Joint Ventures
- Due Diligence
- Licensing and Regulatory Approvals/Advice
- Corporate Advisory
- Corporate Governance

Based on our extensive knowledge of local markets, we provide clear, helpful employment law advice and representation to workers, employees, directors, and professionals. We understand the pressures our clients are under and can guide them through each stage of the legal process.
We assist in drafting employment and consultancy agreements, internships and training agreements, non-competition and confidentiality clauses, employment handbook and policies for companies.
We counsel employers and employees in all legal areas concerning:
- The formation.
- Maintenance and termination of employment.
- Unfair dismissal claims.
- Negotiating settlement agreements.
- Pay problems.
- Work permits.
- Social security issues.
- Employment of foreign workers and experts.
- Litigations.

We advise in all areas in relation to intellectual property law including trademarks, design, patent, copyright, domain names, and franchising.
We have extensive experience in drafting and filing patents and provisional patent applications, handling different type of innovations, from industrial to technology platforms and mobile apps, etc.

A concession is a form of public private partnership (PPP). It is a long-term contractual arrangement between a government (or other public sector body) and a private sector operator who has been awarded the concession.
We provide legal services for every stage of the business life cycle of the concession. We effectively combine our general corporate strength and skill with our specialized experience in the local market to produce ideal outcomes for our clients. We work - Corporate set-up and business form.
- Joint venture and related operational structuring and negotiation.
- The concession compliance.
- Assisting to obtain certification.
- Advising on proposal submissions.
- Shareholders agreement.
- Lease drafting and negotiation.
- Ongoing issues with partners, tenants, and landlords.
- Brand licensing.
- Acquisition transactions.
- Bank account requirements.


To see a construction project through to successful conclusion, you need practical legal advice representation during all phases of the construction process to increase your chances of deliveri project on time, on budget and with minimal risks. Therefore, many legal issues have to be dealt w and our client can count on us to provide a tailored one-stop advice from project conceptio completion. We understand your industry and issues it might face, the obstacle to avoid and ho maintain momentum on any project. And if things go wrong, issues such as insolvencies and disp will be handled effectively.
At JLF, we advise on and deal with every stage of the construction process, including:
- Procurement.
- Tender process.
- Contracts – including building contracts, sub-contracts, consultant appointments, etc.
- Warranties.
- Land acquisitions. - Regulatory approvals.
- Protection of intellectual property and confidentiality requirements.
- Health and safety issues.
- Contractor insolvency.
- Safety issues.
- Defect’s liability. - Dispute resolution.
JLF always make sure to draft an air-tight construction contract that outlines everything the project will consist of, how to deal with additions, omissions, and variations, description of the rights, liabilities, and obligations of all parties involved. Here below examples of provisions that every construction contract should include:
- Agreed cost or rates.
- Who is to design the works.
- The scope of the works.
- Payment schedule.
- Time for completion and program.
- Provisions for unexpected circumstances or delays.
- Any consumer rights clauses including notice of the right to cancel.

Every successfully managed estate needs a considered facility management (“FM”) agreement, and we have the experience and expertise to provide that for our clients whether they are the owners or the company providing facility management services.
Providing legal advice to a leader FM company in Syria allowed us to fully understand FM sector and how importance is to draft the right FM agreement which helps our client meeting its commercial goals. An FM agreement may be complex, cutting across many areas of client’s business, but get it right and not only will it reduce the number of disputes between parties, but also lower the client running and maintenance costs.
We make sure that these technical agreements are both practical and user-friendly so that they offer a framework that our client can follow.

We provide commercial and regulatory advice on IT, e-commerce, telecoms and media.
We advise telecommunications operators on interconnection agreements, license applications, employment, lease for the headquarters, supply agreements, national roaming, lease for installation of cell-phone equipment.

JLF provides legal advice for a broad range of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including the purchase and sale of properties that include office buildings, retail locations, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. In addition to preparing and negotiating the relevant documents, we review and negotiate financing documents in connection with acquisitions. We also represent commercial landlords and tenants in the preparation, negotiation, and review of commercial leases (full due diligence). To the extent issues arise in the course of acquisition and sale of residential properties, we draft, review, and negotiate contracts and other agreements in that regard.

We counsel conventional and Islamic banks, insurance companies, and financial intermediaries and their operating subsidiaries, affiliates and holding companies, on steps for incorporation, day-to-day operations, and major local and international activities and transactions.
We frequently advise Boards of Directors and executive management in the exercise of their powers and performance of their duties to their institutions, their creditors, and shareholders, developing internal controls and corporate governance procedures to negotiating memoranda of understanding.


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